Aprenda a fazer almofadas criativas!!


O primeiro post da nossa página é um desafio fofinho para os nossos visitantes, retirado de um artigo no creativaatelier.com.!

Para confecionar as almofadas criativas DIY, vai precisar de:

  • Dois pedaços de pano a seu gosto – 55×75 cm, para a almofada coroa e 30x50cm para a almofada nuvem;
  • Agulha grossa;
  • Um botão negro de 1,5cm de diâmetro para a almofada nuvem;
  • Os seus utensílios habituais de costura: tesoura, alfinetes, fio, etc…
  • Padrões impressos das almofadas decorativas.

Passo-a-passo para fazer a sua almofada criativa:

1- Imprima e recorte o padrão

2 – Passe o padrão para o pano e corte a forma

3- Coza os olhos e a boca

4- Feche a almofada e preencha-a com algodão

Por fim, cosa o resto da almofada na máquina.

Este será o resultado final!



Dê asas à imaginação e partilhe connosco os seus resultados!!

Para consultar o tutorial completo consulte aqui.



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  1. Hi, I´ve noticed that you have published one of my tutorials without my credentials and editing my pictures as if they were yours. Please, even thou you have included a link to my web site in your post (but not in your Facebook page).Please, remove all that pictures and post. Hope you understand this. If you like the tutorial, I could send you the pictures with a watermark and with the original text, but please don´t edit them. Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi! We understand you and we are very sorry, but we put the reference in the post to your page. We adapted the text to portuguese, that’s my language and we reference that. We don’t edit your images, we just put them in the post, they are not with watermark in your page, so thats why we though that theres no problema to put your post referenced in our page. By the way, we are going to make some changes and reference your website in our facebook post. For any other questions feel free to ask us! Thank you for your head’s up call.


      1. As the text is included in the image, one you “photoshop it” you are editing the image and changing a part of it. I understand they are not in your language but the Creative Commons License makes it clear that “If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material”. I love people sharing my content but not modifying it without asking. I have lots of request about translating my pictures ans posts and sometimes I authorize it but always under a few and simple conditions.There is a lot of work involved in creating these kind of post.


      2. You’re right, we should had asked first, and i apologize for that. We are new in this, This blog has been raised in an academic work. What you suggest to be done ? We can keep your post but with the changes you want to do? Sorry again, and we will wait for your suggest.


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